How to automatically update different tabs from master tab in Excel?

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This seems simple, but I am stuck... I am trying to populate different monthly tabs to look at a budget from entering data in a master spreadsheet. I need this to be based off the date expected and copy that entire row into the monthly tab... Any help would be appreciated!





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It is not a very a good idea to keep data of (mostly) identical structure on multiple tabs in an Excel file. Which also means it isn't the best idea to spread the data across multiple tabs.
Why not keep it all in one tab and filter that tab for the month?
I was dealing with the same issue with a financial report i was building. I had the months spread across multiple tabs and was running into issues. I later redesigned the whole report and took all the months and set them up on a single sheet. But i basically took each month and added a group under that month. So when collapsed, it would only show the month title with a totals cell. When expanded, it showed all the details for that particular month and i was able to add in rows if need to expand the groups volume.