How to Automatically update a column when dates are entered

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I am new to excel. A friend set a spreadsheet up for me to use for my checkbook ledger. I would like to have the first column for the transaction date automatically keep the dates in chronological order when I enter new transactions. Is this possible? My friend set up the formula for me to automatically total the Balance column at the end.

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I wouldn't recommend sorting the data fully automatically:

  • It's confusing and disconcerting if a row you're editing jumps to another location the moment you enter a date.
  • It would require VBA code that disables Undo, so it would be more difficult to correct mistakes.

It's not that difficult to sort the data manually from time to time.

Or, if you prefer, it would be possible to create code that sorts the data when the workbook is opened and/or when the workbook is opened. This does not have the disadvantages mentioned above.