How to auto-populate several different formula

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Hi guys!

Is there a way to auto populate different formulas into a cell depending on what is selected (from a drop down list) or entered into a previous cell? 


For example, I have 4 different sets of date (V104, V103.5, V155, V162), which will be entered in cell B2, depending on which of these 4 sets are selected, I would like a formula to auto populate into cell D2 multiplying a 4, 3.5, 55, or a 62 by whatever amount was entered in C2. (Screenshot1)


I know this can be done singly cell by cell after the data is all entered. But I would like it to be automated if possible.  


Is it possible?





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There is different logic in your post and the sample. Based on post we simply ignore V1, as variant


In sample V104 is transformed to 4 and V162 to 162, the logic of that is not clear. Could you please sync and define the logic in more formal way.

@Sergei Baklan 

Apologies for the confusion. But you nailed it!

I was able to use that formula and just drag it down the entire column.


Thanks a million!  

@Ultra_Tech , you are welcome