How to auto-populate an expense form based on a given month

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I would like some ideas on how to make excel populate an expense form based on the month I select from my drop down.


For my example I selected the month of February. The expense form should read the two dates of expenses 2/17 & 2/24, then that they are both shipping charges, from shippo, and the total cost of each charge was $10. Then I could tie-out that my form is correct to the total charges for the month of February. For that, I put in a formula that will total the charges of that month =SUMIF(Expenses!B7:B222,VLOOKUP(B4,Table7,2,0),Table_4[TOTAL]). 


I would like that when I change the date in my drop down that excel can fill out the form itself. Does anyone have ideas on how to do that?



Reimbursement Form.JPGExpenses Form.JPG

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If you can post the actual spreadsheet, I (or somebody else) could give you some more help. In the absence of that, I would suggest that you research the FILTER function (requires one of the newer versions of Excel). Here are two good places to start:



To post your actual spreadsheet, use either OneDrive or GoogleDrive and post a link here.

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