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Hi, I'm trying to simplify a list. I have two columns to work with in this scenario. I want Excel to autofill column B if column A says XXX.


For example: if column B = London, I want column A = United Kingdom.


I originally though I could use the vlookup function, but I believe that only allows the destination to be one cell. I want Excel to auto fill the next column over if the column next to it says a certain word. This seems like an easy, task, but I can't find a solution.

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I am not quite sure why you don't auto-fill, but the best idea would be to put your data in a Table.


For example, if you have the word 'Country' (or whatever - the UK isn't a country I know before anyone has a go at me) in cell A1 and city in cell B1.  Then, put your VLOOKUP formula in cell A2 and your city in cell A2.


Now , highlight cells A1:B2 and Insert->Table (CTRL + T).  Now, as you add in column B, the formula will populate in column A.


I attach a file as an example.


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