How to apply multiple filters in a pivot table to a large data set?

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I have two filters I want to use in a pivot table, and my data is too large to manually check box's to filter.


For the screenshot below, I'd like the "Sum of Revenue" column to only include values $50,000,000 and above and the "Count of Account Reps" column to only include values 700 and above.  I know I can do one of these at a time, but do not know how to both simultaneously in a pivot table.



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PivotTable doesn't allow to set multiple value filters. Possible workaround is to add duplicated column in source and use it as another label column in PivotTable. With that you may apply first value filter for one label column and second value filter for another one. Since label columns are identical both value filter will be applied.

More details is here filtering - Applying Multiple Value Filters in Excel Pivot - Stack Overflow in answer with Hospital and Hospital 2. Didn't check other variants.