How to add Security to a shared file on Onedrive

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I am working with a file that has private information on it. I am looking to add a level of security to this file so that this information is distributed outside the company. This Excel file will need to be edited and shared with multiple people at the same time (likely over One Drive). Is there any added security measures that can be taken (password encryption or any other ideas) that would not interfere with the sharing capabilities of this excel file? Let me know what you think. I am hesitant to upload this file to One Drive without any added security.



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Maybe this information/link will help you.

When it comes to company documents that need to be distributed/edited outside the network, here is an additional safeguard.

What is Azure Rights Management?

Activate rights management in the admin center

Microsoft 365: Configuration for online services to use the Azure Rights Management service


...otherwise, as usual it is also possible in OneDrive.


Hope I was able to help you with this info/links.



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