How to add date to cell with a button

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Hello, I want to add the date at the end of a line with a button. It's to follow how many time our product are cleanned. I want to have on a line : the product name, a button and all the date of cleanning. And when you click at the button, the date add at the end of the line


Sorry for my bad english. 

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Here is an elegant approach to solving the problem without any button :).

Example in the included file.

Enter the right mouse button in the area A1:B10 and the date appears, pressing it again disappears the date.


VBA Code:



Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Excel.Range, Cancel As Boolean)
'Me.Unprotect ("1234")
    If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1:B10")) Is Nothing Then
        Target = IIf(Target = "", Date, "")
        Cancel = True
    End If
    'Me.Protect ("1234")
End Sub




Hope I was able to help you with this approach :).



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