How to Add a Search Box to a Slicer in Excel - while using Tables

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Hi all,


I wish to create a slicer on the visualization with a search box. However, as I do not want the data to be summarised, I have imported my data as a Table instead of a Pivot Table (which means I am unable to duplicate the Table, report connections etc). This has resulted in me not being able to re-create what the tutorial below has shown me.


I have referred to the video below prior: 


Does anyone have any idea how I can add a search box to a slicer while using Tables?

Thank you in advance. 

Learn how to add a search box to a slicer to quickly filter pivot tables, pivot charts, or Excel Tables.Click here to download the files: http://www.excelcam...
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Take a look here, maybe this information will help you. It's just a suggestion, if that's not what you have in mind, please just ignore it.


Add worksheet data to a Data Model using a linked table


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This trick works only with PivotTable, not sure that something similar could be done for Tables.

Hi Nikolino,

I've looked at the document but that wasn't really what I was looking for. Thank you for contributing still.
Hi Sergei,

Thank you for your comment. I can't seem to do that after messing around with various functions.


Were you ever able to get this to work? If not, I have two ideas, though please note I am writing this reply on my cellphone and don't actually have excel open in front of me, so it is from memory.

1) Using only a pivot table linked to the data table.
i) While on the data table, create a summarized pivot table.
ii) Add all columns to the pivot table in the order you want.
iii) While clicked on the pivot table, select the right most menu (second of the pivot table menus).
iv) Change the pivot to be in tabular format, so the data looks more like a data table.
v) On the first pivot table menu, disable the +/- ability.



2) Using a macro that applies changes made to a pivot table slicer to a data table.
I) I have a macro at work that I found somewhere else and I made some changes to. If this would be of any benefit, I could create a dummy spreadsheet and attach here.

Hope this finds you well.