How to add a cells over column table that supports endless data validation

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I need help! I want to insert cells above my tables to categorize them to get a better overview. When I try to circum-navigate this Excel doesn't manage to compute and ends up crashing.


I want to categorize my new sheet the way I did the old sheet. But I couldn't make tables on my old sheet, so I had to reedo it. Having my seizure activity documented in tables would give me a much better overview and help me compute the data into graphs.


The purpose of the sheet is to document my seizures to see if the medication I am taking is having any effect or if the medicine is causing side effects. It will give me better insight to make the best decision. Increase the medication to see if it has any effect or does increasing the drug have no effect. It is difficult to know as I have up to 30 of short seizures (5-20 seconds) a day. They make me tired, specially if they are repeating in a short span of time. My short seizures (absens in norwegian) are not black and white, but varies almost everytime and are therefore very difficult to document.

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I will reply to help, I could transalete my sheet to english if someone is willing to work with me. Crazy thing is I can't find anything that is comprehensive on information. All the doctors gives you is a f*in notepad or they tell you to document them on your phone. I can't find any sheets online that resembles what I am trying to create.