how match many column times with many value columns

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i have 3 time columns and 3 number columns 

how do i get all of the date and times to match for every result

my only way has to been to click and drag

i need all this to matchup so i can graph it properly

even if all the times dont matchup i at least could use the days 


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@dattmuffy Please clarify your intentions. For instance, Col A and C, both have three entries for the 16th of November with time and one without, whereas column E has only one single item for the day without time. Would you want to sum the values by day only?

yes. all i need is 1 day to match so it could be any

but i recently finished that file by learning that i could sort cells by color it really helped

attached is a new very similar file

this happens to me often 

what happens is i just need to match dates so they can graph properly

in this example the green is successfully finished and reformatted by click and dragging

the yellow is unfinished data that is how it is pasted when i pulled the data

is there a faster method than the way i am using?




@dattmuffy Definitely, there is a faster way to achieve this. In the attached file, I used Power Query to merge two tables based on matching time stamps between the two of them. Creating the query took perhaps two minutes, and loading the end result back into Excel perhaps a few seconds.


You can re-use this over and over again as long as you copy new data into the two tables in the same format/structure and press "Refresh All" on the Data ribbon. See if this is something you can imaging using in the future. Learning some very basic PQ skills is all it takes.