How i can get/copy the options from an excel sheet list

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I have an excel sheet cell of type dropdown, as follow:-




it contain around 50 options, so how i can copy those options to a note pad? Thanks


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options to a note pad

what kind of note pad?iPad?
these options may link to a range



I mean the note pad program inside windows 





i need to copy those options to a notepad to add them as options inside SharePoint. i hope this make my request clearer..

want to appear in your drop-down list. Ideally, you’ll have your list items in an Excel table .

so,you can find the linked range and copy.

I am new user of excel but i am unable to put the any formula of mathematics.

@peiyezhumy requirement is simpler i just need to copy those options >> Paste them inside any text editor.. i hope you got what i mean