How do you protect images from being moved in a protected worksheet

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I have a worksheet with multiple images inserted.  I have locked all cells except a few that I want to allow editing.  These cells are several columns away from the images, and there are no associations between the cells and the images.  After I protect the worksheet, I find that the images can be dragged around on the worksheet.   Is there a way to lock the images so they cannot be modified or moved in a protected worksheet?

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Please right-click the image and choose Size and Properties, then make sure that the Locked checkbox is checked.

Lock an image in Excel.png





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Thanks for the reply.  As it turns out, the lock was checked on all my images already.  I finally figured out that when protecting the worksheet, examine the actions you will allow after it is protected.  Before entering a password, scroll to the very bottom and make sure the check is removed from "edit objects".  Funny how I have read about 30 responses on how to protect those images, but none of them bother to explain the nuances of the protect worksheet function.  I also found that headers and footers are not protected by worksheet protection methods.


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Glad to hear that the problem has been solved!



@kardebar  Thank you. Even though this post is 3 years old it provided some very useful information.