how do I view the data of 2 columns in autocomplete

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Below is the screenshot of what I mean by autocomplete. 


What I want is to be able to see the previously entered price of an item in the list but while I am doing that I should be able to have the autocomplete as well.  


Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 3.56.21 PM.png

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@dalmiamayoite , there is a workaround possible :-


Step 1 : While entering the data, enter bearing name and price in same cell separated by a distinct character which would never appear in the bearing name. A comma if possible, or another suitable character. Then the price would also be shown while entering data for easy entry.

Step 2 : When the data entry is complete, use Text to Columns option in the Data tab. Go for Delimited > Next > [Select that character as Delimiter] > Next > [Set Format if required] > Finish


Step 1 image :-




Step 2 image :-




After Step 2 :-






@amit_bhola Thank you for your response.
This can surely be done but I update the data entry everyday because I have to update the day to day purchases into excel.

Is there any other way?
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@dalmiamayoite Use a Range that includes all of the data for the ListFillRange - in my example L6:N8 and set the BoundColumn (2) in this case and ColumnWidths to appropriate values



In the drop-down list, you will then see


And the LinkedCell will be populated with data from the BoundColumn of the Selected item.  With appropriate code in the ComboBox Change event you could have the data from the other columns inserted into the desired spaces.