How do I stop Excel autoscrolling to fit the rows?

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As mentioned in the title, how do I stop this if I just want a smooth scroll through the work sheet? I have cells containing some text and are pretty big. I want to be able to have half a cell in view without excel automatically scrolling up or down. I appreciate any help I can get.

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@Kristofer645 Not sure what you mean "automatically scrolling up or down". Perhaps something like in the picture below. Cell A1 has "wrap text" activated, cell A4 has not.


Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 11.16.53.png

@Riny_van_EekelenThank you for your reply, I hope the picture makes it more understandable.


@Kristofer645 So, you would want to freeze the bottom part of the first row when scrolling. I'm not sure but believe you can't do that. Freeze Panes displays the entire content of the visible rows, i.e. above the row where you put the "freeze marker".


A workaround could be to add a second header row that, for the cells with long texts only displays the last 30 characters or so. You can use the RIGHT function for that. Hide the first header row and freeze row 2. Example attached. Not sure, though, if this is practical for you.

Thanks. I just want the scrolling to stop when I do when using the scrollbar. As it is now, the program adjusts the window to fit the top row. It also means that one "scroll-click" with the arrows or mouse scroll wheel equals a certain amount of rows (I think three) instead of just distance.


Smooth scrolling doesn't work, it is an idea in but I didn't find the link.

Ok, thanks for your reply


I am having the exact same problem.

Also there is room on the printed page to make the row longer to accommodate more text, but it won't let me do that either. 

Is there a character maximum that gets exceeded in each cell or something of that nature?


Not quite. It is not a freeze or pane feature. Rather it is a desire to have smooth, non-jumping scrolling. Imagine you had a single 2000px in height cell. Smooth scrolling means you could scroll and read the entire contents of that cell, slowly, but comfortably, by using the scroll feature. Instead, what excel does now is immediately skip to the next cell, preventing you from being able to read what's actually contained in the previous cell. Great for quickly jumping cells, bad for reading/editing content.


Smooth scrolling is implemented


Windows Beta Channel Release Notes (

So far for Office Insiders only.

@Sergei Baklan Why it doesn't work? I'm on build 14326.20238 but Excel still snaps to edge of rows. Quite annoying.

Build number is not very important, you shall be on Beta channel. New functionality within the channel is deployed gradually, it could take from few days to few months after the announcement. 

Current Beta is