How do I remove unnecessary data without using a filter or deleting it row by row

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I’m trying to clean up my raw data sheet, but I need to remove a lot of data. How do I go about doing this without using a filter or having to delete it row by row.

For example, if I have raw data that is categorized by states, but I only want the raw data to show data for Louisiana. How do I delete the other rows for the other states, except Louisiana?

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If you want to replace the existing data with specific data, VBA is the only way.
And if you want to fetch the specific data from your raw data sheet on to a new sheet, you have several options like you may use Formulas, Advanced Filter, Power Query and VBA as well.


I didn't catch why filter doesn't work? You select all states except Louisiana, delete all selected rows, clean the filter and you have records with Louisiana only.