How do I reflect the x-axis exactly the same to the table?

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Hi everyone!


1. Device and OS Platform: Mac/macOS Big Sur version 11.4

2. Excel product name and version number: Office 365 and 16.50(21061301)


3. Question:


I want the x-axis of the chart reflects exactly the same of what I have in the table. Each row has different value. Hence, I would expect a long x-axis.


However, it is not reflecting what I needed right now. I have attached the excel file in this post.


Is there any kind soul could assist me, pls?


Thank you.



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@Roger1981 Not sure how your chart was created, but the data ranges seem to have been set wrong. Or I just don't understand what you are trying to do. Created a new chart with what I believe is what you need, though I did not format it to look like yours. Compare the data setting and see if mine work for your purpose.

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You use scatter chart which doesn't work with text X-axis. However, in your case simple line chart gives the same plus correctly shows X-axis.

Thank you. It’s solved now.
Thank you. It’s solved