How do I protect a partial portion of an excel spreadsheet from manual editing ?

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I am on an Lenovo all in one, Windows 10 with excel version 2019 (16.0)


I have a spreadsheet that where the first 5 columns (A through E) need to allow for editing but, because there are calculations which are based on column E, (F through P) need to be locked so the calculations cannot be changed. Here is a copy of the document (INFO in doc is fictitious)


I retired about 3 years ago and was better at this but a little rusty since I haven't used for awhile.


Any help would be appreciated.


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I assume you meant columns A to F, for F1 explicitly mentions "manually enter date of affidavit".


Step 1: Unlock the cells that should be editable.

  • Select columns A to F, except for row 1.
  • Press Ctrl+1 to activate the Format Cells dialog.
  • Activate the Protection tab.
  • Clear the Locked check box.
  • Click OK.


Step 2: Protect the worksheet.

  • Activate the Review tab of the ribbon.
  • Click 'Protect Sheet'.
  • If you want to specify a password that will be needed to unprotect the sheet, enter it in the box. Don't forget it!
  • Click OK. If you specified a password, you'll have to re-enter it as confirmation.
  • Save the workbook.


See the attached version (there is no password)