How do I prevent Excel from automatically styling new cells?

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I use Excel to keep track of the various calls I get, when something is made a problem and it's resolved, I go to the cell that the call was logged in and change the style to green to show it's completed. However Excel keeps entering new cells as green right off the bat. I have tried changing autocorrect rules, I have tried using conditional formatting to only style if a certain condition is met (which I never would meet), I have tried "Format as Table" nothing is working. 


Is there anyway to ensure that when a new cell is entered it STAYS in the "Normal" style until I later desire to change it manually? It's an extreme nuisance and I can't seem to find the answer online. 

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I think it's because you are manually changing the cell to green. You could create a drop down in that cell instead with the criteria required (new, pending, complete) and then attach a conditional format based on selected value in cell w drop down


In that cell? 

I have dozens of rows that I enter each day, each row consisting of 10 unique cells. Are you saying I have to add some sort of drop down for each individual cell?