How do I paste data in excel column without changing the formula

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So I have this vlookup column and some values didnt return properly where the n/A’s are. I’m trying to mammually paste the data or type it in but everytime I do, the rest of numbers disappear 

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You have entered a range in your VLOOKUP() formula for which you want to perform the search and should use a single cell. The syntax of the function is like this:
VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])
You have entered a range for lookup_value. The result spills down. If you perform your search on a single cell, you will only get a single result. You must then copy the formula down as far as necessary. Now you can overwrite a single N/A# without disturbing the other calculations.

So my only option is to drag the formula down as far as the n/a and then do it again until the next n/a?


I understood you to say that you want to create the formula and manually overwrite it where you don't have a match. I have given you the instructions for this.

If I am completely wrong here, then I apologise.