How do I make a data bar display as (current value) / (max) rather than a single number.

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I have a data bar in project that is meant to display how much experience a character needs to level up. At the current moment, I have the max value (100) linked to a cell elsewhere - and typing in a value like 50 does actually make the bar visually 50/50 but I want the numbers inside the bar to show as 50(slash)100 (50/100) rather than just 50.

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@jvs95 You could use conditional formatting for this, as demonstrated in the picture below (taken on a Mac, but similar for PC)

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 04.29.00.png

Format the cell with the experience number as a Data Bar with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100.  Then the number 50 will show as a bar covering half the cell with. Format the bar to your liking.

Not sure if I misread, but I am able to get the number 50 on my data bar, what i'm trying to do is - rather than just display 50 - have the text in the cell say "50/100".

@jvs95 I misunderstood! Use a custom format like 

Screenshot 2021-07-18 at 06.41.44.png

File attached.

Rather than use the fixed number '100', is it possible - in making the custom format, to reference a cell number (such as a1, a2 etc)?

@jvs95 Tried with custom formatting with fractions but that doesn't seem to work. A work around could be that you put the "/nnn" outside the cell with the value and the bar. But then it's easier to include the Level-up value in a hidden column (B in the attached file).


Can't think of another way right now.