how do I keep selected rows together when printing?

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I have a long document and I have pairs of rows that need to stay together on one page but Excel breaks them up. How do I keep them together? Word has a command that does that to selected rows but I can't find anything in Excel. Any help is appreciated.

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Switch to Page Break Preview.

Working from the top down, if you see a row just above a page break that should be kept with the next row, right-click any cell in that row and select Insert Page Break from the context menu.

Thanks, Hans! Your assistance is very much appreciated.

@Hans Vogelaar 

This is rather a manual approach.  Isn't there a way to do this automatically, so that I don't have to remove and re-add page breaks if I insert a row somewhere?


It might be possible to create a macro for this if there was a clear and specific rule for which rows have to stay on the same page.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks Hans, I was just hoping for a method similar to Word: select the rows and choose "keep rows together".


I'm afraid that Excel does not have a similar feature.

I have a grocery list I am working on that is 14 pages long, many items are not required. I did edit column a under conditional formatting for any number greater than 0 to be highlighted and bolded. Is there a formula that excel can select rows greater than 0 in column a ?

for printing only what I want to look for in store.


example of page JPG 


Excel File:


I fell I am close to figuring it out but stuck on this usually print 15 pages

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thank You






Do you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, or do you use Excel Online? If so, you can use the FILTER function.

On another sheet:


=IF(FILTER(Sheet1!A11:G523,(Sheet1!A11:A523>0)*(Sheet1!A11:A523<>" "),"")="","",FILTER(Sheet1!A11:G523,(Sheet1!A11:A523>0)*(Sheet1!A11:A523<>" "),""))