how do I keep selected rows together when printing?

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I have a long document and I have pairs of rows that need to stay together on one page but Excel breaks them up. How do I keep them together? Word has a command that does that to selected rows but I can't find anything in Excel. Any help is appreciated.

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Switch to Page Break Preview.

Working from the top down, if you see a row just above a page break that should be kept with the next row, right-click any cell in that row and select Insert Page Break from the context menu.

Thanks, Hans! Your assistance is very much appreciated.

@Hans Vogelaar 

This is rather a manual approach.  Isn't there a way to do this automatically, so that I don't have to remove and re-add page breaks if I insert a row somewhere?


It might be possible to create a macro for this if there was a clear and specific rule for which rows have to stay on the same page.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks Hans, I was just hoping for a method similar to Word: select the rows and choose "keep rows together".


I'm afraid that Excel does not have a similar feature.