How do I get a .csv file, text formatted date to not to be converted to the date format in Excel

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      When I import a .csv or a .txt file into Excel the text formatted date, i.e. "Nov-24" (2021) (double quotes are in the file, 2021 is not) the text is converted to the date format and the current year is added i.e. 11/24/2022 and is displayed as 24-Nov.
It appears the double quotes on the text date field is being ignored in Excel. The Text qualifier: field is set to ". How to get my text date imported as text? What needs to be in the .csv file, other than the double quotes, so Excel will know to keep the text date in the text format.
The csv file created using "java-script" (Microsoft will not let me use the proper name for the programing language?!?!) from proprietary software.


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@Vaden_ In Step 3 of 3 in the text import wizard, select the column that has the "Month-Day" in it and set the data format to be Text. 


Alternatively, import the CSV file via Power Query. Much more robust an flexible.