How do I export text from several cells into one cell with double space?

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I have a list of first and last names (thousands) in excel in column form and I would like (for an artistic creation) to be able to put them all on one continuous line and separate them with a double space (see picture). Can anyone help me?





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@lucaa1355 In column B, enter =A1&" ", drag the formulas down. In column C, use =CONCAT(highlight the referenced cells). See example. You can also copy cells, paste special, and hit the transpose check box. Hope that helps

As a comment. Whilst there are several options to do it, with thousands of FirstLast names, the Excel cell limit of 32767 chars will likely be reached before the last name
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If on Excel 365 that could be done by one formula

=CONCAT(TRANSPOSE(names & " "))

Taking into account @L z. comment.

Thank you very much! This is the simplest way to do it! But it seems that I can not take all the names at once (to big) so I select a few each time. Best regards
Thank you very much, it works!! Best regards