how do I delete dash columns

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How do you delete the dash columns. I looked it up and have tried doing it but I'm having problems. 

Can some help me with easy steps to do it.



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You may have to be more specific. It's not clear what you mean by 'dash columns'. Are you looking to split a column on delimiter?
When you have the spreadsheet and your columns those are solid lines but I have a line going down like this - - - - - - so I have other columns with my numbers and when I print it prints where the - - - - and the other columns are not there. So how do I delete that - - - - - so all my columns will be on the page when I print it
I hope you understand what im saying


The dotted lines are automatic page breaks. You can hide them, but not remove them.

You can force Excel to print everything on one page by activating the Page Layout tab of the ribbon. In the Scale to Fit group, set Width and Height to 1 Page: