How do I create an formula containing IFs, OR ANDs and lists?

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Can anyone simplify this formula in the attached excel. This is just an example but the lists are very long and I wanted to see if there was a better way of doing this. Many thanks in advance it is MUCH appreciated.

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Like this:




You can expand the range $O$3:$O$12 as needed.


As variant

=IF( (G2=$E3)*COUNTIF(O3:O12, C3),D3,0)




An alternative could be above formula.

Thank you so much for this, its much easier and I have learnt something new )
Thank you ever so much for this, i never realised you could use countif like this.
Thank you ever so much for this, i have never used a sumproduct like this before.


Although it is probable that you are not using 365 (or Excel 2021), you did not say, so this is a single dynamic array formula

= COUNTIFS(list,costCentre)
  * amount


@Hans Vogelaar 

Thank you so much for this, but can I ask you one last question. Is this the best / quickest formula to use ?

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The formula is OK. I'd use ISNUMBER and MATCH for the range L6:L7 too; that makes it easier to add Cost Centers if necessary.



or, slightly shorter:



Thank you SO much this really has helped me no end :)