How do I create a simple table to sum up values

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Hi, can anyone help?


 I thought this should be simple but no.. Anyway, I have multiple tables like the one in the image with several rows that have the same "Type". Each row has a % and I need to create a simple table in column D and E.  So e.g. White Grape will equal 87% etc..  Pivot Tables won't be an option has I have about 50 of these to do on one sheet! . Is there a simple formula I can use to do this?

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Hello @JamesC2485,

Try this on E2, then copy paste it below.



Hi @rrestrivera 

Thanks for this, that works. I had a feeling it was to do with SUMIF but had no idea on the formula! Thank you




A simple alternative could be SUMPRODUCT.

Thanks for this, both work well