How do I copy the exact worksheet without losing its spacing?

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When I copy a spreadsheet and want to create another to a new worksheet the column spacing changes.

How do I keep the spreadsheet intact as it is?

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Save the original as a Template. When you're saving, select Save As... and then select the Template option. You may want to delete the data so that it's a "clean" file, but saving it as a template will preserve whatever you want to preserve, including formatting, column widths, etc.


  1. Right-click the worksheet's tab.  In the context (popup) menu that appears, click "Move or Copy…".  A dialog like this appears: 2023-08-27 1.png
  2. Check the "Create a copy" checkbox.
  3. You may also change where the copy will be placed by selecting a different entry from the "To book:" dropdown list and/or clicking a row in the "Before sheet:" list.
  4. Click OK.

Those instructions are for a Windows version of Excel.  If you are running Excel on a different platform, the menu/dialog may be slightly different.