How do I cancel my Microsoft enrollment?

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After one month of continued attempts to find a way to unsubscribe from being charged again, an annual user fee, for use of Microsoft Excel and told that I will be charged again unless I unsubscribe... I find that it is impossible to even get close to anything that looks like 'Unsubscribe.' This is an awful trap with no way out? Can anyone advise as to how I can avoid being charged again as I am not using the product?

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in your email there should be a phone number to call to cancel your subscription
There was no phone number in the email, no way to reply. Just informing me that terms and conditions have been updated and that if I do not agree with update then I can cancel. I just want to cancel because I am not using the software.
Yes, That is the never-ending link that leads to nowhere. I have struggled with for three months now and this user group is my only last best hope. I'm still not able to cancel my subscription. Very frustrating to say the least.

@Ken_Nielsen365 For me, I see a page with exactly what you are looking for




1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 web portal, here:
2. Go to your Account and manage your subscription from there.
This looks perfect. I do not have such a page for my account.
Yes, I understand and have tried over tens of dozens of times and wasted hours and complete evenings giving it all of my time and effort, but a dead-end with no chance to cancel my subscription. I have logged into my account countless times and is why I come here as the last resort. Can Microsoft not afford to have a live person that you can call at a customer service number to help you. Amazon is easy to reach, Canon Customer Care answers their phone after two rings... I am hoping for too much, but that would be the help I need.
As I think I already said, I do have the option of closing my bank account attached to payment of the subscription. The bank will do this in the case of fraud, which is my last option now.

@Yea_So Agreed! But the links I get just drive me round in circles.


My problem is that I have a Family subscription that doesn't expire until June 22nd 2022.


This was an upgrade from my previous subscription that expired on Jan 6 2022.


Despite this "upgrade" and an email from me in Early December, Microsoft charged me again in January for the renewal of the original subscription.


I complained but, as usual with Microsoft, absolutely no response because it was in their "two hard basket" that didn't fit a standard computer generated response.


I think I've managed to cancel another subscription for Jan 6th 2023. The system won't let me cancel either the January or the June subscription.


I'd like the refund as it cover the bottle of single malt that I need to cover the frustration suffered. But there's a dog's or no chance of that.


The lesson of this sorry tale is don't ever upgrade your subscription without cancelling out everything you have in future and to leave the process until as late as possible. It's a pity that, as often is the case, poor administration is letting down a spectacular product.