How Can You Turn Off the PowerPivot Quick Explore Pop-Up?

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For at least seven years I have been looking for a way to turn off the PowerPivot Quick Explore Pop-Up. I do considerable work in PowerPivot but often must spend up to 99% of my time cutting and pasting and retyping data into a new static visualization solely because I can't present with this infernal pop up flying around distracting everyone. It is the single most annoying bug I've ever encountered in my professional career of over 25 years. A single o-ring brought down the Space Shuttle. This pop up is my o-ring. I have no idea why Microsoft buried the disable button so deep but there should be a flashing neon sign directing users to it, at least as a Plan B. Plan A should have been to force users to opt-in to this horrible nightmare of a feature and then bury that button where no one could find it. Ever.    

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So, how did you end up turning it off Steve?