How can insert selected rows into an array.

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I create a Pivot Table and then using array formula to get an array. I would like to insert the highlighted rows into the array. The expected result as below image:


Can you give me some advices.

Thank you.


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Add columns and rows to a table

One quick way to add rows and columns to a table is to use the mini toolbar that opens when you're in a table. If you have a mouse, another option is to use Insert Controls.

More information you will find in the upper link.



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If data is added the table, I need to calculate more subtotals.Otherwise, it can be from other independent source. if so, maybe the data must be edited from Power Query. I use Pivot Table because it will be easier for me and other reason, everyone at my places, has been reading that report everyday and for a long time ago.Thank you for helps anyway.