How can I use VBA to move my shape and then after a few seconds make it disappear


So with help from a similar thread here, I can move the shape as desired, how would I make that shape disappear after a few seconds? And then reappear after another cell selection?


So in other words, when I click on a cell, move my shape to that cell, then it disappears after a few seconds. If another cell selection is made, show the shape again at the selected cell and then disappear again.



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See the attached version. There is code in three modules:

ThisWorkbook - to stop scheduling the HideShape macro when the workbook is closed.

Sheet1 - the Worksheet_SelectionChange event procedure.

Module1 - to declare the dtmNext variable and the HideShape macro.

what is the concern of stop scheduling when the file/workbook is closed?


If you don't do that, and if the shape were still visible when you close the workbook, the scheduled macro would reopen the workbook in order to run.