How can I use the SUMIF tools if I get an error in the final result

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Hi, i need help with this... i think had a mistake cause finally result is $0, someone can explain me what is the error? ... I want to collect the data discriminating according to the selection of the month and type column. I used the tools as follows:   =SUMAR.SI.CONJUNTO(Registro[MONTO];Registro[MES];$A$2;Registro[TIPO];"ingreso")

description formula

Record[AMOUNT]: blue
Record[MONTH]: red
Register[TYPE] green


thanks for your help and support




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It looks like the MES column contains the abbreviated month name "ene".

Option 1: change this so that it contains the fill month name "enero"

Option 2: change A2 to "ene" instead of "enero".

Option 3: change the formula to



thanks for your help, that was the error @HansVogelaar 

@HansVogelaar Hi hans, i have a new problem.... the tools SUMIF when i used them on the table the datas was appears disorganized and i don´t know why?cause when I used them in the table previos I used the same tools and the same order and no error came out, can you help me?


I used the tool as follows:







Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar?


If you wish, you can attach the workbook to a private message to me (click on my user picture)


The formula should refer to N16 instead of N14.

You can clear the cells below (O17:O35) and refer to N16#:



thanks for your help but maybe thats not the problem. In this case the error wasn´t solucionate


Can you explain what is wrong with the attached workbook?