How can I use filter and remove columns?

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I have a spreadsheet with columns A through BX and rows of only a few hundred.  I have used =FILTER() in a 2nd tab to provide a referenced and filtered list of subset of data from the primary data source, which filters the columns - A+ so far.


Where I need some help, is that ALL of the columns are represented in the new tab.  I would like to show only ~12 of the overall list of columns.  Can someone help?


(Basically, I'm filtering based on Active = Y and Complete = N, then want to have just a dozen columns shown so that I can copy/paste into an powerpoint slide for status.  I don't want to have to hide several dozen columns and manually apply filters every week when I do this.  


For the tech savvy, I liken it to a SQL query where I can choose the columns I show, and apply a where clause.....please help.

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It depends on where the desired columns are in the array. You might use TAKE or DROP if the columns are on the ends or CHOOSECOLS, if the columns are not next to each other.