How can I use check boxes to copy and paste a table from one worksheet to another?

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I am using two worksheets. The first worksheet (titled Options) is filled with a list of the possible tables that I want to auto-generate in another worksheet if I click the box next to it, as well as the tables themselves:







I would like to make it so that if I select the checkbox on the list, the cell beside it will change to TRUE, and the corresponding table will be populated in my second worksheet (titled Checklist).  So if I select the checkbox next to Truck in the list, the Truck table will generate in the second sheet. I'm not sure how to do this. 

I have tried an IF, THEN statement (=IF(Options!C2="TRUE",Options!I1:J18,"") but it does not seem to work for me so far. Any ideas would be appreciated. 

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