How can i use a name range in graphics?

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Hi everyone!

I'm using Excel 365 in spanish.

and i'm trying to use a name range into a serie of the graph to make it dynamic but have tried everything and it doesn't accept it.

I've press F3 to include them, have written by myself, etc. and doesn't work.

Somebody can help me?

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@CucoTorres You need to use dynamic named ranges. Google offers many links that describe how to create dynamic named ranges, most using OFFSET. But you can also build your graph based on a structured table. The attached workbook demonstrates the difference between the use of static references (will not automatically expand), use of a structured table and dynamic named ranges. The formula I used to create the dynamic range comes from a book on PowerQuery, by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar "M is for (DATA) MONKEY" and does not use the OFFSET function. Depending on the structure of your data, choose whichever works best.