How can I unblock my website on office365 defender?

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Office365 defender blocked my website!


I made a link on a cell in Excel.

And clicked it, then my browser(chrome) shows alert page like this.






But, It's not a dangerous site!

It's only my company's CI brand page.

(I used this address = 


Would you tell me how can I fix this? 

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If your website has been blocked by Office 365 Defender, it's likely that the security policies in your organization are flagging it as potentially harmful. Here are steps you can take to address this issue:

  1. Contact Your IT Department:
    • Reach out to your IT department or IT administrator and inform them about the issue.
    • Provide them with the specific URL ( and details about the website being a part of your company's CI brand page.
  2. Submit a Request for Review:
    • Some security systems allow users to submit a request for a review if they believe a website has been incorrectly blocked.
    • Check if your organization has a portal or system for submitting such requests. Your IT department can guide you on how to do this.
  3. Whitelist the Website:
    • If your organization uses a web filtering solution, your IT department may be able to whitelist the specific URL or domain to allow access.
    • Request them to add the website to the whitelist to prevent it from being blocked.
  4. Check the Office 365 Security Dashboard:
    • Depending on your organization's configuration, the Office 365 Security Dashboard may provide insights into blocked URLs or flagged activities.
    • Your IT administrator can check this dashboard for any information related to the blocking of the website.
  5. Review Security Policies:
    • The security policies in your organization's Office 365 Defender may be set to block certain types of websites or content.
    • Work with your IT department to review and adjust these policies if needed.

Remember that the security measures in place are there to protect the organization from potential security risks. It's important to follow the procedures established by your IT department to ensure that any changes align with the organization's security policies. The text was revised with the AI.


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