How can I make some staff part time on attendance tracker?

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Hi - I am using the Attendance tracker from excel (attached). Some of our staff are part time, is there any way I can add rules to only count their working hours... i.e. grey out the ones that they don't work - in the same way weekends and holidays are greyed out and not counted for the rest of the staff? 


Thanks in advance. 

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You ask a reasonable question. Unfortunately, this is one of the shortcomings of many a template that you'll find. They (the templates and their makers) don't anticipate every kind of need. They're good starters at demonstrating what's possible, but if you want to do something that goes beyond the capabilities, you have to know how to do it. This template very nicely allows you to add holidays and types of it has that kind of flexibility. But it was designed by somebody who never considered the possibility of different types or classifications of employees, so didn't allow for that.....and doing so would, let's face it, have added lots of complications as well.


In fact, this template doesn't appear to be counting hours at all. Just attendance. It makes an assumption regarding hours--that they worked them. Full stop. So any full time employee who worked overtime would have to have that noted elsewhere.


So let me ask you, would this work in any meaningful way for full-time employees in your case?