How can i keep adding a number to the number that shown in the cells?

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Hey everyone,
im new in EXCEL, trying to build a stock control for my business.
im trying to add a inventory for my excisting inventory and i dont know how to do it.
let me ask it more simply, lets say i have a number, and a number to add.





i want to add the 6 to the 20 and thats easy:



but now i have a new number, and i want to add a number to it (to the new number). (number=26 , add=2)

and here is my problem- when im adding the "2" its adding it to the "20" i put before.




i want to add the number to the number that shown in the cells.

Anyone have an idea for how can i fix it or maybe alternative way?
hope i was clear!

Thanks in advance!

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Two things cannot occupy the same physical space. F2 cannot hold the values 2 and 6 at the same time.


You could put the numbers you want to add in their own cells below F2 and sum them using a formula like (note the sum function ignores text):





Otherwise, if you want to do it the way you are trying, it would require vba.