how can I combine the data of two different sheets?

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I have one file conteining diferent sheets, and I want to combine the info of one of this sheets (2 columns of info) with the other one.  to select the info in each row i have to verify the coincidence of two cells of that same row, how can I do this?


for example: in sheet1, cell A2 and cell B2 must have the same info that sheet2, cell A2 and cell B2, to copy the data conteining in cell C2 of sheet1. 


i hope i have been clear enought


thanks in advance.


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kindly attach a non-sensitve sample for people here to have a better view of your query.

write down on sheet what you want to achieve.


I hope with this example is clear enought to help me. :)


i'm using Excel 2013.


the information in the red circles are the ones that have to be the same (in both sheets), the ones in the black circles are the ones I want to colect from sheet2, and the ones in the green circle, would be the result of a succesfully formula.


the thing is that the information in column "no_req" and cve_prod could be repeted, but not at the same time, what I mean is, if you select only one number in column "no_req", no matter how many times it is repeated, all the cells in column "cve_prod" will be different, for that "no_req" number.


thanks in advance!!

there are many good people here at the forum that may offer you solution to your query... good luck

pls see attached file.