How can I autogenerate cells from one sheet to another ONLY if it's filled out?

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I am trying to auto generate sales orders from an order submission. So, I want the cells to only be filled out if that product is selected and the way I know the product is selected is if there's a quantity on it. So, I only want the items that have a quantity be autogenerated to the sales order. I REALLY hope I make sense.

So for example, if a customer only wants two items, those will get filled out with a quantity on the order submission then on the second sheet (sales order) I want those items to generate automatically. I would only want the product, price and quantity to fill out.


Is there an IF formula that I can do to help with this?Screenshot 2024-06-12 174637.pngScreenshot 2024-06-12 174726.png

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Please check attached file and check the Invoice sheet. 

Thank you so much!! I appreciate your help.