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How can I access the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel for

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I am trying to add the Share Workbook button on Excel for the web (free online version) but when I go to File then Options, I don't get the Quick Access Toolbar. Instead I get Regional Format Settings. 

Is the Quick Access Toolbar not available in this version.

Does Microsoft have a list of what is not available in the free online version?

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Excel on-line does not have a QAT indeed. See this page for some differences:
Hi Jan Karel Pieters!
Thanks very much for the info.
There are indeed limitations and restrictions in Excel for the web. This also probably explains why I can't see the Filter by color option.
Indeed. Though there are also things that make it into Excel for web quicker than into any other platform. For example, Excel for web allows you to "search" in data validation drop-downs, but Excel desktop is still in beta for that.
Thanks once again!
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