How can highlight selected rows in the array.

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I would like to highlight on the last rows in an array. But when the data is update, the highlights has moved as the image below.
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You can use conditional formatting.





Thank you dsheikey,

That's worked.


If have a no "Total" text in the rows, just only sum of values. How can we use conditional formating?


Do you have another keyword in the cell of column G? How can you identify it?


The highlights is sum of values like below image.

How can we do that?




In this case it would be possible to work with the ISFORMULA() function in the conditional formatting. See here:


If you want to make sure that only cells with SUM() formulas are selected and no other functions, you can use the following function in the conditional formatting.




This is the first time, I know ISFORMULA() and FORMULATEXT(). That's great functions.

In the array, i try to use them, but they are not worked.



In your array, every cell has the same formula, so there are no differences here. Therefore, you need the keyword "Total" there.