How can Excel access online data

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I want to create an Excel spreadsheet (either using Excel Online or desktop Excel) that several colleagues use at home (so each one would have a copy).

But I also want to have one unique table that is centralized (One Drive?) with data that is used by each one of those Excel spreadsheets. This way I can update this spreadsheet and have everyone to access update data.

I was able to generate a link to share with other users (and they can open it). But I am being unable to have their spreadsheet to load the data from the shared spreadsheet.

How can I do it?

Or is it better to have their Excel spreadsheets to access any different format of data file?

Thank you

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Hi @Rui_Jorge 


You could set it all up in the one file and have everyone access it at the same time,  easy in Excel online and with O365 it's now possible with Desktop Excel


Otherwise you could use Power Query to connect to the master file and pull the data in to the separate files.  The users would need to click the refresh button (and be working in Excel Desktop)





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