Hospitality Inventory Management

Paul Donald

So I have a number of sheets covering the full journey of stocktaking in Hospitalty.  To be honest it's mainly clubs and pubs of the smaller variety.  I have worked in Hospitalty for many years, now in semi retirement I'm looking to start a small stock taking company. However, getting help from various sources is proving difficult to say the least.  My sheets cover full spectrum of inventory:- Inventory, opening stock, purchases, count, closing stock various result sheets etc etc.  I have been seriously studying excel for a couple of years now, going much deeper than I ever have.  V lookup, sum ifs, pivot tables etc.  Despite my eagerness to learn more proficient ways to complete my tasks I'm finding it difficult.  If Anyone has gone through similar problems or are into inventory management and have some helpful ideas then could you please get in touch.  This is my first post so be gentle.  I can show examples if need be.