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I have been running into a quirk with horizontal scrolling with Excel while holding down Shift and scrolling with the mouse wheel. On some computers I use it scrolls like the vertical mouse scrolling through the workbook, or any other program for that matter, but just horizontally. I have found a couple computers, including my main work computer, that holding Shift while scrolling will just bring the active cell to the center of the screen and then have no other movement. Then if I hold Ctrl+Shift while scrolling it will scroll until the end of the workbook, like horizontal scrolling in any other program. 


Is there a way change to how horizontal scrolling works in Excel? Or at least just switch the Shift and Ctrl+Shift shortcuts? I have looked through many forums without success. I'm not sure how why some computers function this way but others don't without any obvious setting adjustments.


Thank you!

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Hello @stephen607 


Is there any update on this? I too have this problem, and already searching for a very long time for a solution, but MS does not come out with a feasable solution (or comment).


The big issue is: this worked very good (and so simple) in former Windows versions (just using shift and scroll with a normal mouse, was the perfect solution). 


I also tested with the Microsoft Arc mouse in Excel, but same issue, no horizontal scrolling in Excel, even with their own special horizontal scrolling mouse... mindboggling...


I also found info here, but still no solution... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/excel-how-to-scroll-horizontally/5f9fb0ae-467...


Do you have more info?


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Hey @Yannic_Belgium 


I haven't found anything to fix this. I searched through the office app settings for some time to see if there's a checkbox or something that changes the behavior, but I couldn't find anything. Looking at that other thread, it seems to be a problem only with Office 365 apps. Shift+scrolling works as expected when opening a workbook in browser and even in MS Teams. 


My workaround has been to just use a mouse with a dedicated horizontal scroll wheel until the issue is worked out or someone else finds the setting. Seems odd that the MS Arc mouse is not working correctly... Hope you can work that one out.