Highlighting any cell with 'X'(text) based on a cells value in corresponding row

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Hey guys,

I made a little manual schedule-planning sheet - but for it not to be too confusing I would like to make any cell (task) marked with X (or any text) to be coloured according to the "Responsible's" initials.



I just can't figure this out - either with Conditional Formatting or VBA. Hope some of you can help!


Here is an example of what I mean, both in a sheet and a screenshot (I work in excel, not browser, it is just to share it):




So any cell marked with text under the date / schedule needs to marked the same color as the responsible for that task - e.g. any cells marked with text in a row where "NISOG" is responsible needs to be highlighted as light pink in this case.


I can't figure out how to make it automatically so that any cells with text/values in the corresponding row as the "Responsible"'s initials will get highlighted in a specific colour.

I can only figure out how to highlight a full row based on the initials under "Responsibility", but this won't suffice.


Hope some more skilled people out there can help! :)



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Another user on another site helped me, in case anyone is wondering, here is the solution;

=AND(EU6<>"",$B6="NISOG") - pink