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I've looked around and tinkered.  I just can't land on the right formula, and everyone's situation is slightly different.


I need to be able to open up my Excel document and have the row of the current week highlighted.  (Some combination of IF, THEN, TODAY, WEEKNUM, etc. in the conditional formatting, is what I've tried to get.)


I have ITAR sensitive information so I can't share the whole file.  But I shared a screenshot of what is safe.

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Maybe with this rule for conditional formatting. 


The format is applied to the above range in the attached file. 

That was it! Thank you! I figured it wouldn't take long


hey i'm trying to do something similar and hoping you can help please as I've been struggling for far too long!

I am trying to do a border around the column under this week's date (as shown in col G) but can't seem to do it. At the moment I am doing it manually but there are a lot of tabs so would love for it to update automatically. Are you able to help me pretty please? Note, I'm using Excel not Google Sheets. Screenshot here- 


Thank you!