Highlight every 10th row except if value in Y is >10%

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I need to highlight every 10th row in a file, except if the value in column Y is 10% or more.


I can highlight every 10th row using =MOD(ROW(),10)=0


I can easily highlight rows where the value is =>10% by using =Y7 >=10%


I can't work out how to combine these. I've tried using AND, but can't get this to work. My VBA knowledge is poor so I was hoping to just conditional formatting.


Ideas?! Thanks!

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Try conditional formatting




Simply multiplying the two conditions together gives the numerical equivalent of AND

= (MOD(ROW(),10)=0) * (Y7 >= 10%)

 Mind you, I would have expected AND to work.  Perhaps I should try it.



Thanks! I just realised what I did. I had got the <> sign wrong. I should pay more attention.

Thanks Peter. I'll give that a go too.